So in January I got a Developing Your Creative Practice Grant from ACE and I used it to pay myself a little bit whilst I smashed out the first three episodes of How (Not) to Live in Suburbia. This task of unsolicited TV writing, completed whilst working f/t, tryna keep it real, attempting to parent my kids (sorry kids) and be a woke citizen etc is now completed. I am RINSED. I am FAT. I am emosh. I am also JUBILANT af. Next steps are extremely uncertain. I’m unrepresented. I don’t have access to gatekeepers. It’s a new genre for me etc etc unless you count that failed trial I did for DOCTORS in 2005. But I believe. I believe hard in this show. So watch this space and maybe maybe maybe maybe in like 2035 or something it will turn up on your TVs. Let’s hope sooner.