Loneliness Symposium at UCLAN

So, tomorrow, is the very first cross disciplinary LONELINESS SYMPOSIUM at UCLAN. Organised by us and the excellent Krystyna Musiol it looks at loneliness from the dual perspectives of performance and psychology.

It’s on tomorrow that is Weds 23 NOVEMBER 2016 from 2-7, and is absolutely free, so if you are lonely, or know someone who is, or have ever been, or have an academic or curious interest in exploring loneliness from the subjective and scientific angles, this event is absolutely for you. We’re also gonna be doing the last ever 2016 showing of HOW NOT TO LIVE IN SUBURBIA featuring Nicki Hobday and me. Come, for some rich conversation, provocation, inspiration, art, and sea mammal OWNING. See you there LOVEZ.