DYCP grant super grateful yes yes yes yes

Like everyone else I have had an interesting, aka challenging start to 2019. Two huge rejections and a clusterfuck of life events against a backdrop of disturbing world news.

So the other day when I was told I had been awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice grant by the Arts Council, I was OVER. THE. LUNE.

DYCP money is money from the Arts Council to do whatever you want with if it pushes your creative practice and develops you as an artist. It’s a brilliant idea and absolutely necessary in these goal driven times. It comes at a particularly welcome time for me, a time of transition in my work and life and also a time where the exhaustion and lack of sustainability were beginning to be entrenched and pathological. So for the next few months, apart from working on other people’s stuff and writing Suburbia for TV, I am going to be DYCP-ing all over the place, and I can’t wait. Gracias, Arts Council, you are sometimes the absolute bane of my life but you are also a megababe. I am hugely, hugely appreciative. Hashtag creative makeover, hashtag ten years younger, hashtag revamp, hashtag growth mindset, etc etc. Peace.