Breathing in and out.

Whaaaaa? It’s June and I haven’t written any news all year. This news section is pretty solipsistic tbh – kind of a public diary so I can remember what it is I’m doing – kind of a shoutout to the Arts Council, and everyone else who funds me, so that they know I”M STILL DOING THINGS. But This year everything has tilted so violently. Like everyone else I’ve been trying to negotiate a world in which, at a time when we need Art more than ever, it’s hard to make Art in the ways I normally make it. Instead I’ve been – trying to making spaces for people to reflect ,organize and agitate in, thinking about the future of theatre, trying to survive financially and also support those who are struggling even more. Been breathing Politics. Collective rage, collective sorrows. Collective absurdity. Collective explosions of joy, determination. and silliness. The art/activism continuum. Being inspired by the Art collective and the Activism collectives. Working on the Zoom/Migraine continuum. Being a passive aggressive plant in Christopher Green’s online No Show. Trying to keep the vibes in my flat good for my young adult daughters. whose world looks so uncertain. Trying to look out for my wider family and Artfam. Gardening. Doing yoga. Doing shopping for two of my neighbours. Working at Lambeth Food Hub as a side hustle which has become so essential to me, both for financial survival and for community. Writing Daniel Defoe-inspired social media posts until the actions of the government became unsatirisable. Having a Royal Court organised Conversation with a Famous White Male Playwright. But gradually in the last month I’ve started actually to Make Art again. So – I’m doing some dramaturgy with some cool female makers who have asked me to help, More on this soon. I’m co-creating a show with Bunny, about the Housing Crisis. I’m commissioned by She Wants a Dog to write a fiction podcast for their series A Practical Guide to Death, I’m micro-commissioned by BrixtonHouse and Coney to write a game about Brixton,. I’m taking part in an online re-presentation of Dear Elizabeth. My short story, Rocky tries to Shot (a Putative Title of a Novel) was republished by Broccoli. None of these projects are directly about Covid, nor directly about racism, or police brutality, But they are all about survival, and connection, and identity, and some of them are about remembering. With all the adverbs. More soon. And huge shootouts to politics Twitter, art Twitter, Black Twitter, and the excellence of YOUNG PEOPLE for giving me LIFE in these times.