How Not to Live in Suburbia

“A powerful, hilarious and honest testimony which comforts and confronts in unflinching and equal measure.” Jackie Montague, Exeunt

“Witty, wry, tough, poetic and brilliant” **** The Upcoming

“Forthright, funny, affectionately raw,spunky ***** West End Wilma

“Witty and profound” **** Evening Standard.

“Subtle,sincere,riotously funny and endearingly raw” ***** Broadway Baby

“Witty, engaging satire…playful and inventive” Guardian picks of the Fringe.

“Heartbreaking autobiographical performance” **** Festmag

“Frank, funny and compassionate”**** The Stage

“Funny, frank, frequently sweary” **** FringeGuru

“Strikingly honest and uplifting” **** ThreeWeeks

SUBURBIA – Interviews, Articles & Twitter responses


“humorous and heartbreaking” The New Welsh Review

“a dazzling display of unconventional storytelling” **** StageTalk

“a little like what might happen if you put Tim Burton, Philip Ridley, Tim Crouch and Chris Goode into a blender together with a thesaurus.” **** Lane’s List

“70 minutes of utter genius”

“Shiningly original narrative…moving and macarbre” **** The List

“A rich, wild and precise poetry that breathes a colossal and sometimes angry humanity… Magical and strange…” ****
Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

“Untamed, brilliant writing… grotesquely beautiful, tragic and uplifting. A one woman rollercoaster ride” ****

“Impressively original… hovers around the sublime” ****

Broadway Baby

“A gorgeous contemporary fairytale and a must for both adults and children” ****
The Stage

“A captivating and superbly composed show, full of wonder and invention” ****
A Younger Theatre

Raymondo – a tale of such vivid sensuality, musicality & heart. @LaSiddons makes a cape of much more than ok. Unforgettable.
Tim Crouch ‏on Twitter @timcrouch1964 Aug 20

Adored ‘Raymondo’ @LaSiddons is a born writer: sensuous, subversive & sweary. She knows a lot of words & she likes boys too. @Summerhallery
Chris Goode on Twitter @beescope Aug 23

Nutcracker and Mouse King

“Trippily candy bright” ****

“One of the most enchanting nights I have ever spent in the theatre” ****
What’s on Stage

“Gasps of fright, squeals of joy and rounds of laughter….The nutcracker as you’ve never seen it before!” ****
A Younger Theatre

“Enchants children and leaves adults yearning for that lost childish sense of imagination that was able to take us into magical worlds instantly.” ****
Everything Theatre

“The storytelling is so evocative that the audience sits spellbound.” ****
The Telegraph

“Austerity is for arseholes” **
Matt Trueman, Time Out


“It is not often that you see a show that makes your heart go ping ping boom boom, but this is one.” ****
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

“Not since Into the Woods has there been a theatrical fairy tale as dark and ingenious as this.” ****

“Wonderfully involving, witty and emotionally potent” ****
Paul Taylor, Independent.

“This marvellously inventive show… Annie Siddons’ script is almost Shakespearian in its mix of the earthy and ethereal, the funny and the frightening” *****
Robert Hewison, Sunday Times

Metro ****

“You will never want to leave this show!” ****

“Dark and Sublimely Sweet” *****
Time Out Critics’ Choice

“Just go. And take some children. If none are available, go anyway.” ****
The Times

Annie Siddons

Playwright   Performer