Here I chat to Chris Goode…..

So now that we have lowered our Walrus masks for the time being, and our turning our attentions to the new show for a bit, I thought I’d stick this up. It’s a conversation I had with Chris Goode a few weeks back. If you would like to, you can listen to it, here. We…Continue Reading

We sold out. Thank you for coming.

Thanks to absolutely everyone who came to see Suburbia at the Soho Theatre. There were a lot of you. More than we had anticipated. And that was brilliant. We sold out every single show, including the Sat-Mat – and extended capacity and then sold out again. You were all fantastic audiences – responsive and enthusiastic,…Continue Reading

We’re going to SOHO!

This has been a strange week, in that I’ve done not one but Four radio interviews for Suburbia, which we’ve put up on the site, which has been more talking than I normally do in a month,and we’ve also been rehearsing the show at the Oval House in order to get it into sparkling condition…Continue Reading


Suburbia is showing at SOHO theatre in only 2.5 weeks now. We are getting waaaayyyyy excited. Here is a trailer for your delectation. Hope you enjoy (and will come see).Continue Reading


Last night we were at the warm intimate Wardrobe Theatre trying out a bit ofthe new show, Dennis of Penge, for the very first time. What a brilliant thing Ferment is – last night we were on in the company of House Of Bakewell, who were trying out some ideas from their hilarious musical Thor…Continue Reading


In a surreal turn of events I found myself recording an episode of this on Friday in the ilarious and also generous company of Joe Lycett Katherine Ryan Patrick Kielty and – obvs – Jonathan Creek himself. I had the most excellent time. Thanks so much for having me Alan Davies (even though you won’t…Continue Reading


Very first outing of a pre scratch – more of an itch – of our new show, Dennis of Penge, will be stumbling into the early light of 2017. Ferment people are top. The lineup looks top. Come see, come see.Continue Reading


Yessssssss.We’re absolutely thrilled to be doing SUBURBIA in the decidedly unsuburban environs of the Soho Theatre, from 13-18 February 2017. Here’s a link so you can all book tickets. See you there.Continue Reading


So, Camden People’s Theatre have announced their Spring 2017 line up. And we are on it, at the very end, doing a scratch of our new show, Dennis of Penge. On 28th May. Get your tickets NOW. Or wait till much nearer the time….Continue Reading

Loneliness Symposium at UCLAN

So, tomorrow, is the very first cross disciplinary LONELINESS SYMPOSIUM at UCLAN. Organised by us and the excellent Krystyna Musiol it looks at loneliness from the dual perspectives of performance and psychology.Continue Reading

Symposium 23 Nov

Ten Mindfulness Colouring books I colour in for calmness Nine News Channels telling me the world is darkness Eight Ways the powerful spit post truths and baloneyContinue Reading

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