Dennis of Penge  

Wendy is one of the outcasts, the underclass, the meek and the bleakly prospected. Washed up and heartbroken, the highlight of her existence is her daily shuffle to the chicken shop. Until one day after she fears she has ruined her life forever she meets an unprepossessing yet utterly charismatic new chicken shop employee, Dennis, who promises to change her existence forever……..

Touching on themes of addiction, survival, poverty, joy and ecstasy in the city, Dennis of Penge will combine Annie Siddons’ raw poetry with music and performance to create an urgent, vital and uplifting new show.

Developing in 2017. After an early scratch at Bristol Ferment in January 2017, Dennis will be scratching at CPT on 28 May, and at Oval House in September, before its full production in early 2018.

Dennis of Penge - Annie Siddons

Annie Siddons

Playwright   Performer